Dear Shia,

Around 4 years ago we had lots of discussions about whether or not to have another baby. We were in favor, but ultimately decided that it was probably smartest, in regards to finances, time, etc., to stop where we were. It was a bittersweet decision; as I would have 6 kids if I could afford to, but one I grew comfortable with immediately.

Two weeks later I was pregnant with you. I was shocked. I was scared. I was more upset than a person should be, especially for someone contemplating the exact situation a couple of weeks earlier.

I spent the first five or six months of the pregnancy a bit grumpy. I regret that, because you are my ultimate joy. You were exactly what we needed; the one our hearts were waiting for. The funny man; the peacemaker. While Jordan and Jaxon squabble frequently, they are always at peace with you. You round out the crew perfectly.


You have an undeniable humor. You are the funniest person I know, and have been since you could communicate. You have an arsenal of moves and expressions that crack me up daily. And you’re funny without meaning to be as well. I love that you pronounce so many word incorrectly; I will never correct you. Oriel (Ariel), Olsa (Elsa), Dimbo (Dumbo), pupcakes (cupcakes). My personal favorite is boot chanks (butt cheeks). You have a gutter sense of humor. You are here for every conversation about farts or butts. You love to get naked and wiggle. My negations only increase your activity. Although maybe you keep going because you see my trying not to laugh; it only encourages you. The other day I caught you mumbling my catchphrase crap on a stick, as you tried to find a matching lid for your Tupperware, and it was seriously like seeing myself.

In contrast to your humor, you are also so tender. You never hesitate to tell me that I’m your best friend. You always want to hold hands. You are a giver when it comes to hugs and kisses. You pray for me and sing for me, as I do for you. You have an ease about you that many other kids don’t have. You have always remembered people; even as a tiny little toddler, even if you don’t see them often. Your little face is infectious. And I love your catch phrases, such as miss miss or I’ll meet ya! 

You’ve also got quite a sassy side to you; but it is doled out with such humor that I am not at all worried about it. You love to argue that you’re not a baby, no matter how many times daddy and I try to express to you that you will always be our baby. I not a baby. I’m a girl! You are hard to convince when you’ve got your mind made up. I don’t want to look cute, I want to look pretty! Remember the time you sobbed because I gave you two braids like Anna, and you clearly requested one braid like “Olsa”? Though you were seriously distraught it cracked Jordan and I up completely. You always have an opinion about my hair and outfits, though most of the time you are extremely complementary. Mom, you look so bootiful. When you say it, it is easy to believe.

But Shia, it is you who is so beautiful. You are truly like a shooting star. I know they are out there, but each sighting of one is genuinely breathtaking and exciting. That’s how I feel about you. I am so excited to be your mother. I can’t help but marvel at you. I want to lay a blanket out under your life and watch; gasping and pointing at all of the amazing things that are you. I can’t believe I ever doubted for a second that you were what was best for us. Thank you God for this precious little life.

With all the love in the world for my little baby girl,


4 thoughts on “Dear Shia,

  1. I remember when you were terrified of this pregnancy. I remember when you came to terms with it. But all I think about now when I think of Shia is your undying adoration of her and how (like Isla) she is the perfect amount of sprinkle on your already perfectly layered cake. I love what you said “ I want to lay a blanket out under your life and watch; gasping and pointing at all of the amazing things that are you” it sums up how I feel about my children. For better or for worst. Great post amiga.


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