Play On, Playa

So… it’s the end of January now. A full month has passed since we rolled into 2019 with bright shiny eyes, smiles on our faces and dreams bursting in our hearts. Maybe in January you killed it. Or maybe you abandoned the game plan on January 3rd. And maybe, like me, life has gotten a little in the way and your amazing intentions are being met at a 68% success rate. In any circumstance, regardless of your commitments and achievements in early 2019, you deserve the same message: play on, playa! (I just earned major street cred.)

To all of you ladies who crushed it… I applaud you. I love women who are chasing down  dreams- it’s inspiring. You have probably made some really hard decisions. You’ve said no to things that you may have wanted to do, and yes to things you didn’t want to do, all for the sake of keeping your word to yourself. You’ve managed to be incredibly disciplined. It’s no secret that the hardest promises to keep are the ones we make to ourselves; but you’ve managed to do it. There is no better time than now for you to hear a solid you go girl. Play on, playa!

To all of you who dropped the ball right away… I encourage you. There is no rule that says if you aim for a goal and you fail to achieve it, then you are done forever. The good news is that you can start again right now. If your goal for the year is to nurture your spiritual self, you can finish this blog and pick up your bible. If your goal is to spend more time with someone you love, you can pick up the phone and make a call. Invite that person to spend time with you this very week. If your goal is to be more faithful to your workouts, finish this blog and do a quick circuit. Just a few squats, lunges, sit-ups and push-ups. It’s possible, and it’s more than you’ve been doing. I’m a huge fan of Rachel Hollis, and in her bestselling book Girl, Wash Your Face, she writes something that shook me to my core. To summarize she said, you would never break a promise to your child, your spouse, or your friend, so why are you so comfortable breaking a promise to yourself? Daaaaang! She’s right. If I tell my kids I’m going to play a game with them, I play the game. If I commit to an event or activity, unless seriously ill or injured, I’m going to be there. So if I tell myself that this year I am going to seriously get it together in the kitchen, then guess what??? I need to sit down, list out my meals for the week, and make it happen. Ladies, doing hard things is obviously hard (#duh), but we deserve the best from ourselves. You can do it. You can sit right back down and think about what you really want to change. What you really want to focus on. What you really want to add into your day. What you really want to take away. Then you can do it. One decision at a time. Play on, playa.

And then there’s me, and all the others who are kind of doing something right every now and then. My word for 2019 is health. This means that I want to be intentional about fueling our bodies with delicious real foods. That I want to reclaim my kitchen with joy. That I want to move my body 4-5 times a week so that I can be my most healthful self. I want to feel my best each day.

Guess what? Tonight I had Chick-fil-a for dinner. And after school, I shoved a package of Little Debbie’s snack cakes down my throat. Last week I ate a quesadilla and an order of fries in the gym parking lot as I waited for kids club to open so that I could get a workout in. I mean, really??? Way to knock that goal out of the ball park, eh? In the first week I January I made a goal to reward myself. If I would workout 4 times a week for the month of January, at home or at the gym, come February 1st I would reward myself with a new pair of Spanx leather leggings. (The ones with the white stripe down the side that I want really really bad because they will look so cute with a pair of white sneakers and an oversize denim jacket or maybe a chunky sweater and even a dad cap and I would be the cutest mom out running errand like oh look at me oh this this is just something I threw on!) Guess what? I worked out ONCE in the very first week.

I tried making a Thai coconut lime chicken dish. All of my children dry-heaved through dinner. I have yet to sit down and meal plan further than one day out this year. I skipped my workout yesterday because my throat hurt, and today because the Little Debbie’s and Chick-fil-a made it feel meaningless. So it’s safe to say that I’m not really crushing my goals.

But I can recognize that I’ve had some success. I hate hate hate cardio workouts, but I’ve started running on the treadmill in addition to lifting weights. I’ve tried a couple of new meals. Importantly, when I have cooked I’ve done so with joy, not bitterness, which is a huge win. And I recognize that I’m killing it in other areas. I’m really committing myself to this blog. I stay up to write and edit. I do a lot of research and take webinars. I try to be actively engaged with my Instagram page. I’m also succeeding at managing my children’s lives. We are making it to our activities. I’m saying no to things that I just can’t squeeze in, no matter how hard I want to make them work. I’m spending time with them doing the things that they care about. Finally, I’m making time for my friendships. I had a wonderful ladies night out in early January. Last weekend I threw a clothing swap and stayed up super late talking with close friends on the couch, and this weekend I’m getting together with another special friend to share a meal and conversation.

I haven’t given up on health just because I’ve wavered so early on in the year. I know that I can do better tomorrow. I know that it’s not to late to start again. Come March 1st, you will see those Spanx in my online shopping cart, and bonus, my abs might be a little smoother and my buns might be a little tighter. I can do hard things. We can do hard things. Stay in this ladies. Recommit yourself to new efforts; to do something that you really really really want to do. Then do it. Play on, playa!




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