Create, Creator!

Close your eyes and picture something that you think is breathtakingly beautiful. Hold that image in your mind. Now zoom in. What do you see? Zoom in again. What new details are standing out to you? Regardless of the image you chose; isn’t it amazing?

I am being dead serious here. Isn’t creation amazing? I can’t count how many times that I have beheld something dazzling and my breath has caught in my throat. Think of a coral reef. Zoom in to the ruffled edges. Notice the blooming creatures. Look closer and see the Β fish and crustaceans that are hiding; you couldn’t even see them at first. Isn’t it amazing? Have you seen the curiosities of the deep ocean floor? How can there be so much variety? How can everything be so perfectly and intricately designed?

Now think of a baby. How absolutely perfect is a chubby baby? Picture the rolls at her wrists and on her thighs. See the dimple in her cheek. Notice the wisps or curls across her forehead. See the perfectly formed fingernails, the beautifully extended eyelashes, the Cupid’s bow of her lips? Now inhale her sweet goodness. Isn’t she amazing?

God is an artist. He can paint a night sky to put Van Gogh’s starry night to shame. He created enough animals that humanity is still discovering new species. He is a planner, a creative thinker, a doer. He created all of what is in existence in the natural world. He created you. He created your favorite person. He created love.

And guess what? God created us in his image; so we are creators too. We are painters, poets, writers, designers, chefs, sculptors, dancers, composers, choreographers, comedians, musicians, vocalists, and decorators. Within us is an urge to bring forth beauty into the world. Creation is within you as well. We are all naturally talented at something. Or we are curious about something. Or driven in something. I love to write. But I also love to paint. To decorate for a holiday. To plan an outfit months in advance. Those urges in me are a part of my identity; designed at my own creation. Some women are impeccable entrepreneurs. Some woman are creative chefs. Some women can write poetry that brings tears to our eyes. And all of creation is valuable and needed in this world.


Maybe you’re the type who thinks that “it” isn’t worth doing unless _____________. Unless you earn lots of money. Unless you are really good at it. Unless it will serve a massive audience. Unless, unless, unless. But this is a lie. This lie will keep you from starting, and will hold you back from the personal joy of creating. When I finish a blog and hit post there is such a sense of satisfaction. And I am serving such a small audience. (for now! I’m still a dreamer as well as a creator.) I revel in each comment left by someone who connected with my creation. It is so valuable to myself; and that is enough. The home that I design for my family at the holidays is seen by few others; but that is enough. The paintings that the kids and I created together will never hang at the Getty, but we had so much fun creating them. They are enough; because we followed the desire in our hearts to try and capture beauty.

I have a sister-in-law who is an absolute marvel when it comes to baking. She makes the most beautiful and delicious cakes and cookies. My mother has a green thumb, and she lovingly arranges fresh-cut flower bouquets from her garden for all of our functions. My step mother collects junk, like real junk, when she is out on her daily walk, which she then turns into sculptures. I have a friend who plans out her outfits meticulously, down to the last bangle and hat. She drafts out a fashion spreadsheet for her frequent travels, and finds joy in dressing up almost every day. I have a friend who likes to paint pictures of her dogs. I have another friend who decorates so beautifully for each and every holiday. Her holiday trees are so festive, and bring joy both to her and her family, as well as all who see them. I can get lost in a fabric store; perusing the fabrics and patterns, dreaming of the cute outfits I’d love to make. My mind is always thinking up new creations.

Does making a painting, writing a novel or sewing a dress sound too difficult? Don’t become crippled by an overwhelmingly large project. You don’t have to go from nothing to a mural on the side of a historic building. It’s okay to start small. Start a journal of free writes. There is no structure there. Try a new recipe that you pinned years ago. Perhaps buying a never bought ingredient will be absolutely inspiring to you. Buy a sketch pad and draw something following a Youtube tutorial. Try an accessory that is out of your regular style. Color a page in your child’s coloring book. (I happen to love doing that!)

So what desires are in your heart lady? What creative drive do you have in you? And most importantly, what step can you take today to bring that beauty into the world? It is needed. Your talents are needed. So go out there and make it. You are an artist. Create.




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