Summertime in the LBC

It’s summertime and the living is fine. I’m an educator, so I’m well aware that my summertime schedule is not the same as those of you who don’t get a break in your calendar. But if you’re a mom, then your kids are on break and the vibe is different. Even if you work full-time and have no-one to care for but yourself, the sweet sunshine will have you feeling differently than when you are in the thick of winter.

I love several things about summer: no work, more time with my kids, our week at the central coast, road-trips, sleeping later; I could go on and on. Life feels differently and in the wise word’s of Lloyd Christmas, “I like it a lot.”


To make the most of summer 2019, which I’m hoping can cure me once and for all from the wounded heart I earned in the great virus of 2019 (see earlier post “I Shall Overcome… Right?), I’m going to follow the following rules for fantastic summer living:

  1. Chillax: Summertime should be more carefree. We have to let some of the rules go some of the time. Season 2 of a show Jordan loves came out yesterday, and instead of limiting her screen time I let her binge for a day. Yes, she was a zombie, but she survived. Today she cleaned and played outside with her sister after helping me clean the car. It’s a balance. I said yes to baking and an extended bed time.
  2. Create traditions: Every summer we spend one week at the coast with gramma and my sister and her kids. While we are there we always go to the beach several days, we always go to a movie in SLO and buy a treat at the candy shop after taking a picture at bubble gum alley. We always have s’mores and play Yahtzee and Phase 10. We always have ice cream on the beach and enjoy a picnic on the sand. Locally we always go to the beach with friends and the water park. We enjoy sweaty days at a theme park. We go to VBS. Every other summer we road-trip to Oregon and while we are there we go to music at the park and drive through the safari park where we laugh over the crazy ostrich. We do crafts with Grammy and take hikes with Popo in the lead.
  3. Read: Read, read, read. Make time for the kids to read. Read to the kids. Read after the kids are in bed. Read while the kids are playing together. I’m working on a post, “What I Read This Summer”, so you will get all of the details at the end of summer.
  4. Have fun with dinner: Since I’m not at work I can try new recipes. Shia won’t like any of them. Jordan, Jamail and Jaxon will like half of them. But I will feel proud of them all. We will sometimes sit at the table and sometimes outside or on a blanket on the floor. We will enjoy the most perfect meal: steak, potato, corn, and bread as many times as I can afford steak.
  5. Enjoy a drink on a patio with a friend. The busier the street the better, so you can people watch up a storm.
  6. Enjoy a coffee or a glass of Rosé with a friend while your kids play together in your friend’s backyard. Be sure to laugh a lot.
  7. Try “It”. There is something that you have been curious about. Painting, writing, sewing? Try it. Last summer I took sewing lessons, and made the cutest little princess romper for my sweet Shia Rose. The summer before I worked on a few paintings with the kids. This summer I am contributing more time to my writing. Whatever your “it” is, make some time to try it. It’s summer, and the stakes are low.
  8. Try a new look. I always feel more carefree about my physical appearance in the summer. I feel more like a risk-taker, and am willing to try a new lip-color, a new silhouette, a new style. Summer is the only time of year that I feel good rocking a slicked-back J-Lo bun.
  9. Celebrate. Embrace the opportunity to be festive. We eat more ice cream than usual all summer long. We have more movie nights, and game nights. If there is an opportunity for extra smiles, we take it. Our church celebrates Taco Tuesday, which I love.
  10. Get Deep. Finally, summertime can’t be all sprinkles and confetti. I also like to grow. I devote more time for reading my bible and inspirational books. I try to participate in a bible study or book club with friends. I make more time to practice contemplation and prayer.


So what do you love about summer? What are your rules for summertime living? Comment and let me know.



4 thoughts on “Summertime in the LBC

  1. Erica Sands

    I love catching up with friends and family during the summer. When I’m off for the summer it is so much easier to say yes to hanging out. I don’t feel the pressure of filling my weekends with chores before Monday.


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