Sweet Rest

I am coming off of a week of vacation and it feels so so so good. On Monday the kids and I crammed the CRV with 43 bags and suitcases and made the leisurely trek up the coast to Morro Bay, California to spend our 10th annual beach vacation with Gramma, Aunt Missy and the cousins.

I set the pace for a week of leisure with my mph. The trip, which should take about 4 hours, took us closer to 6. We were cruising, and no one had a problem with it. I even got some back to school shoe shopping out of the way. (Hello 6 pairs of Vans for $200!)

Upon our arrival in Morro Bay we went straight to the candy shop for a celebratory sweet. (I had the white chocolate coconut haystack, fyi.) We met up with gramma, aunt Missy and our cousin crew of 2 at our condo rental and discussed the week, and ended up with this: tomorrow we hit the sand, Wednesday morning we whale watch, and the rest of the time is up in the air. We totally pibed the week. PIBE= play it by ear. I turned that into a verb decades ago. This allowed us all to exhale and go with the flow.

Our week was 90% awesome. We slept in (kind of), we had hours and hours together on the sand and in the waves. We strolled through shops. We caught a movie and cried together over the ending of Toy Story. We ate and ate and ate. Good meals and tasty treats: ice cream cones, s’mores and strawberry shortcake with homemade sugar biscuits. I read three books, got in some journaling time, played several rounds of Phase 10, Uno and Yahtzee, and watched lots of HGTV with the crew. It was relaxing and good for the soul. It is super important to note that I won the most games over the week. Just saying.

If you are wondering about the other 10% of the week that wasn’t awesome, it was whale watching- whale watching was horrendous. We crept 5 miles out to sea over an hour, riding waves that felt just like The Perfect Storm. The 10-year-olds whooped and hollered and rode the waves like a roller coaster. As for myself, I hung my head as far over the railing as I could and fed the fish. Unfortunately for me the wind was blowing like crazy and my thigh got covered as well. (Ew) At least 15-20 people puked as we made our way to sea. I kid you not. I don’t know what it takes for them to call it a loss and turn the boat around. By the time the whales were breaching I couldn’t even turn my head to bask in their glory. It was bad. So very bad. My poor little Shia. She climbed right into my lap and went comatose, eventually falling asleep as a coping mechanism after whispering, “My tummy doesn’t feel good.”

This week I also gave my vanity a rest. I always worry so much about how I look, focusing mainly on flaws. I don’t like this about myself, but it’s the truth. This week I gave myself permission to go low-key. A majority of days I didn’t style my hair or wear makeup, and prior to that, I hadn’t left my home without mascara in approximately 25 years. It felt good, and you know what? Frolicking on the beach with wet hair and no makeup??? I felt more beautiful than I have in years! I guess rest, peace and love will make you feel pretty. A tan doesn’t hurt either.


So maybe you can’t take a week off to go away to the ocean. Can you get a day off? Can you leave some time in your schedule without a list that is 14 feet long? That’s what I need to do. I need to parlay all of these good vibes into a consistent sabbath of the body and mind. This has been intentional work on my part over the last few year (see my previous blog titled ” It’s Simple “), but as a lister maker and someone who often thrives off of busy, this gift of a week has been just the reminder I need that the focus on rest is important for me and for my family. In the wise words of the Eagles, “I got a peaceful easy feeling…” and you know what, I’m not going to let myself down. I’m going to keep on taking it easy on a regular basis.

Are you with me? Take a snoozer ladies!



2 thoughts on “Sweet Rest

  1. Lisa

    Welcome to my world! I believe in living this way. I am at peace a majority of the time. The best is being at the park in a beach chair, with an umbrella stand, and watching the kids play their sports.
    I’m happy you got to enjoy such a beautiful week.


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