Who is Authentically Amber?

Who am I?

  • a wife of 12 years
  • the mom of 3 delicious kiddos
  • a dedicated friend
  • a MAJOR reader
  • a woman of faith
  • a teacher
  • a writer
  • an aspiring seamstress
  • a failed small business owner
  • a mediocre fitness participant

I grew up on a grapefruit ranch raising Duroc hogs for the fair each Spring, attended college in Flagstaff, Arizona on a volleyball scholarship, and moved to Southern California in 2002 to begin my life as an adult. I was in my second year of teaching when I met my husband, and we have now been married for 12 years and have 3 awesome kids. It has been a lifelong dream to be a writer; which I was reminded of in August of 2018, so I immediately began this blog and am chasing my dreams!

Fun Facts:

  1. I met my husband while we were both getting a drink of water at the gym.
  2. I taught 8th grade for 16 years before switching to 5th grade in 2018.
  3. I love to travel, but don’t get to that often. The furthest I have been was to Croatia.
  4. I love to dance. I don’t know if I am any good or not, but I do it anyway.
  5. I would love to be in community theater again someday. My last opportunity was in 2002 when I played the role of Miep Gies in The Diary of Anne Frank.
  6. My friend and I are planning on taking adult ballet classes together soon; another dream on my list.
  7. My favorite animal is the Great White Shark.
  8. My favorite color is gold.
  9. One of my favorite moments each day is that first sip of coffee, which my husband says makes me sound like a sicko.
  10. My top resolution for 2019 is to reclaim my kitchen with joy. They need to eat every night; I might as well find a way to feed them happily. So far, I’m failing. 51768492_10215576707424106_6394990713565609984_n